Designing courses   Sheetal Fashion Institute is one of the premier profession, oriented educational institute since 1999. An array of professional diploma courses are crafted in tune with the need of the time and the profession. Keeping in mind the requirements of the fashion industry SFI has developed an exhaustive course syllabus which can be learnt over a period of 6 months to 2 years.

Achievements    SFI have organized and participated in various activities viz. fashion shows, exhibitions, workshops in different curriculum streams. Fashion is also a cultural production that both reflects and affects society. Students often worry about not being able to learn to draw effectively. From my experience I can reassure them that any serious, hardworking individual can learn through SFI. My teaching approach is based on belief that every student has a unique creative that can blossom, given the correct exposure and feedback. Everyone must seek their ideal pathway to expression in other wards , “What works works”.


  • Landscapes
  • People
  • Nature
  • Urban
  • Abstract

Fashion illustration gives you necessary know – how of portraying design ideas and enhance the presentation of garment. Drawing also enthralls those who can help introduce and market design ideas to the world. We believe that design and drawing are inextricably connected and built on each other, good illustration will enhance design skills and vice versa.

Fashion designer anticipates or predicts the latest fashion and design cloths for particular needs. They must have knowledge of pattern making and manufacturing methods and the skill to communicate their ideas through sketches and drawings. We believe that design, drawing, pattern, constructions are in inextricably connected and build on each other....

Fashion is what we visualize , fashion and lifestyles go hand in hand. The fashion industry survived for years by doing every thing by hand from design to the final garments of child, teenage, ladies and men. The most essential in fashion designing to understand the human figure, the different element and laws that make a good appealing style or fashion....